Patent Sales

Selling a patent means you’re transferring the intellectual property rights to another entity. 

It’s a strategic move that you might be considering to generate capital or to streamline business focus.

Why Do Inventors and Businesses Sell Patents?

  • Immediate Capital: Convert patents into cash for business growth or redirection.
  • Business Strategy: Release patents that don’t fit current or future business models.
  • Efficiency: Direct attention and resources towards more crucial assets.

To get the best value from your patent sale, due diligence ensures your patent is at it’s most valuable.

Due Diligence Steps Before a Patent Sale:

  • Legal Status Check: Confirm that the patent is active and there are no lapsed fees.
  • Chain-of-Title Check: Cleaning up ownership issues, whether due to a name change, merger, or previous transfer, is essential. 
  • Review Patent Claims: Ensure the patent claims are robust and defensible.
  • Assess Enforcement History: A patent that’s been successfully enforced or defended can have higher value.
  • Check for Encumbrances: Ensure no liens, licenses, or security interests will complicate the sale.

During a patent sale, our top priority is safeguarding your interests and revenue. 

From initial due diligence to finalizing the sale, Ana Law is with you at each phase.

When working with us, you will also gain access to our curated professional network for valuations and buyer connections.

Selling a patent requires more than just finding a buyer; it demands ensuring that the patent is legally fortified and primed for sale.

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