Trade Dress

Trade dress is a type of trademark that protects a product’s appearance and the overall impression it conveys to consumers. 

It’s the unique look and feel of a product or service that distinguishes it from competitors.

What Qualifies for Trade Dress Protection?

  • Packaging: This could be the distinctive box, wrapper, or container for goods.
  • Product Design: The shape or design of the product itself.
  • Building Decor: For businesses, this might mean the theme or décor of a restaurant or store.
  • Website Layouts & Designs: A website’s unique color scheme, layout, or user interface can also qualify.
  • Colors and Combinations: Sometimes, specific colors associated with a brand or product can be protected.

Requirements for Trade Dress Protection:

  1. Distinctiveness: The trade dress must be unique enough to identify a particular source of product or service.
  2. Non-Functionality: If a design is essential for a product’s function, it generally can’t be protected as trade dress. It must serve more than a mere utilitarian function.
  3. Secondary Meaning (if initially descriptive): Over time, consumers must come to recognize the trade dress as indicating the source of the good or service.

Challenges in Trade Dress Applications:

  • Proving Distinctiveness: Establishing that a design is not merely ornamental but is identified with a particular source can be challenging.
  • Boundary Blur with Patents: Sometimes, there’s a fine line between what’s protected under patent law versus trade dress.
  • Digital Evolution: As businesses move online, defining and defending digital trade dress (like website layouts) can be more complex.

Trade dress is a powerful tool for businesses to protect the unique visual identity of their products or services. 

As the marketplace becomes more crowded, ensuring that your brand stands out and is legally protected becomes crucial. 

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