Patent Pending Status

Patent Pending means you’ve asked for a patent, but haven’t gotten it yet.

Why Do Inventors Use ‘Patent Pending’?

  • Warning Sign: Tells others they might get in trouble if they copy your idea.
  • Attracts Interest: People or companies might want to invest or buy because they see you’re serious.
  • Work Time: You can make your idea even better while waiting for the patent.

Steps to Get ‘Patent Pending’ Status:

1. Pick the Right Application – There are two types:
  • Provisional Patent Application: It’s like a less formal placeholder with less requirements. Gives you one year to submit the full, detailed application.
  • Non-Provisional: The complete, detailed application that USPTO reviews.
2. Draft and File: Draft the application and file it with the USPTO.
3. Label Your Invention: Once filed, you can put “Patent Pending” on your product or its description.

Things to Remember:

  • It Doesn’t Last Forever: The label is good only until you get the patent or the USPTO says no.
  • Each Country is Different: If you want protection in other countries, you need to apply in each one.
  • You Can’t Sue Yet: If someone copies you now, you can’t sue them. But if you get the patent later, you can ask for money from the time you applied.

Having “Patent Pending” on your invention can help protect your idea and show your customers you mean business. Ana Law is here to guide you, making sure you get the most out of this important step.

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