• 6,000+ patents and trademarks filed & registered in 200+ countries
  • 15+ years of combined intellectual property experience
  • 8-figure patent, trademark, and copyright disputes settled
  • 100% success rate


Meet Attorney Ana Juneja

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What Clients Say About Ana Law

Ana was amazing! Went above and beyond to help me understand and plant my foot in the right direction. I feel more comfortable in taking steps to help my business!

RTY Troop

Ana’s great! She’s connected me with the right people, here, in Canada, so as to meet all of my logistical corporate needs, as a startup. Thanks again, Ana. You’re the best!

Kama Gayatri Publications Inc.

I was able to speak with Ana was clear and concise, prompt and efficient. Ana had a wealth of knowledge and looking forward to the next steps with the team!

Encompass Management

Tremendous experience working with Ana Law. As a fellow attorney I truly appreciate and respect the insightful advice and superior customer service

Jason Sampson

Attorney Ana Juneja and her team are first class trademark and patent experts. If you have a great name or idea concept, and have been dreaming about making your business a reality, don’t go it alone! Take a leap of faith and let this dedicated career professional guide you to the promised land. 

New Symple

This law firm has been outstanding thus far. Most lure you in with an attractive retainer and then bill you far beyond what you expect to pay for services on the back end. Ana Law stands by their fees with no surprises. Ana herself is very energetic and enthusiastic. 

Sam Winquist

Ana Law is an exceptional IP attorney, indispensable for any AI Engineer prioritizing their brand’s protection. She masterfully secured a challenging trademark for me that included the word “home,” a feat often deemed nearly impossible. .

Priscilla Nuñez

Oh my gosh! Ana is the best! I am the med spa manager at Welltopix. Ana helped our business get through some unnecessary mess, at no fault of ours, but we came out on top! She fights hard for what’s right! Highly recommend!!

Welltopix Med Spa


Let’s Protect & Monetize your Most Valuable Asset… your Intellectual Property

Across the country and around the globe, business leaders and innovators look to Ana Law as their trusted legal advisor for excellence, innovation, and superior results.

As you look for opportunities to expand and grow your business and revenue, Ana Law is here to help every step of the way. We provide actionable legal & business advice to protect your ideas, products, brands, and revenue.

Your ideas are incredibly valuable. Intellectual property is the most valuable asset a business can own. Your company may have developed a viral brand or a new innovative product, but if they’re not properly protected, you may as well invite your competitors to help themselves to your profits and revenue.

Ana Law’s clients represent a diverse range of business and legal interests: manufacturers, celebrities, financial institutions, agencies, health care providers, municipalities, publishers, retailers, transportation, charitable organizations and many more. Our approach to client service cultivates the close personal relationship between lawyer and client while ensuring the full resources of the firm are always available.