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Tax Information:

Firm is registered with the Illinois Supreme Court as a law firm providing professional legal services. Firm is organized as a limited liability company in the State of Illinois with a principal place of business at 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60611. Firm also has an address at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Suite 700, Washington, D.C. 20004.

Firm has an EIN number of 87-0909122.

For all tax forms, Ana Law LLC’s Chicago address should be listed: 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60611. 

If needed, Client can download a W9 form for Ana Law LLC at analaw.com/w9


Client agrees to make invoice payment by credit card or electronic check via Firm’s secure LawPay payment link at analaw.com/pay. Client is responsible for all transaction fees. Invoices are due upon receipt. Late payments, failed payments, and/or chargebacks without prior communication or authorization may result in interest charges and other fees, to the greatest amount allowable by law and ethics rules. 


In certain cases, if Firm is unable to reach Client or recover funds, Firm will send Client’s invoice to collections within 30 days. 

Failure to Pay:

If Client has an unpaid balance with Firm and invoices are not paid when due, Firm reserves the right to discontinue all services, to charge interest on unpaid amounts, to exercise a lien against any property involved in the engagement, and to withdraw from representing Client. 

Firm will not “Withdraw Representation” without providing a notice of intention via e-mail. 

ALL Fees are Earned Upon Receipt and are True Retainers:

All fees are non-refundable true retainers. The purpose of the nonrefundable fee is to preclude adversaries from hiring Firm in this matter and for Firm to be available and “on call” to represent Client. Fees are earned when paid. In the event that Client withdraws from their case, discharges Firm, or Firm withdraws for good cause, Client will not be entitled to any refund of any fee. 

Client agrees that the mere fact that Firm offers a money-back guarantee for certain services does not change the EARNED UPON RECEIPT status of any amount paid to Firm and that such amounts are refunds of EARNED FEES and not a return of unearned fees. This includes amounts that are paid to Firm as part of a fee payable to a third-party or government organization, and such fees shall be considered an expense incurred by Firm in providing the service.

Flat-fees operate as a cap charge to the client, not the total cost of services. Actual cost of services may be more, and may be recovered from another third party. Any discounts or refund of a portion of a retainer not accounted for by time or expenses is in Ana Juneja’s sole discretion. This amount is a true retainer fee and its payment by Client to Firm guarantees that Firm will set time aside for this case. Client understands that the non-refundable fee allows Firm to limit the number of clients, giving more time for each client’s case. Client understands and agrees that Firm may deposit this retainer into Firm’s general bank account instead of a client trust account and that Firm may use all of it. A minimum of the amount equal to the first payment will be retained by Firm as Firm will not become involved in a case for less than that amount. In the event that a refund or payment to Client is warranted in any amount, Firm reserves the right to pay the same back to Client over time in installments, but in no event, more than 6 months after the close of the case.

Legal services will be recorded, but not billed on an hourly basis, with time being charged in increments of tenths of an hour. SERVICES ARE FLAT-FEE CASES, AND THE RECORDING OF TIME IS FOR INTERNAL PURPOSES ONLY, OR IN THE EVENT FIRM IS REQUESTING REIMBURSEMENT FROM THE OTHER PARTY. Firm may also itemize a bill when the case is dismissed early, and the fee paid may or may not be a fair fee, in accordance with State Bar Ethics rules.


If a disagreement concerning a fee or cost occurs, Client and Firm agree to first attempt to resolve such a disagreement through amicable discussion. If the disagreement cannot be resolved in this manner, it is agreed that the disagreement will be resolved through legal action and the courts, with jurisdiction in a suitable Illinois State Court, and failing that, the United States District Court located in Illinois. Firm and Client also agree that it is reasonable for the prevailing party in such legal action or court proceeding to be awarded its reasonable costs, collection costs, and attorneys’ fees incurred in connection with the dispute. Client agrees that it is a breach of this Agreement to take any legal, financial, or public action on any fee dispute before first attempting to resolve the dispute with Firm through amicable discussion or legal action in the appropriate jurisdiction.


Client may terminate Firm’s engagement at any time upon reasonable written notice via email to Firm, and Firm retains the right to terminate this Agreement as well. If Firm’s representation is terminated, Client agrees to pay all bills covering expenses and services incurred prior to termination. In the case where Client has purchased a flat-fee or guaranteed service and Client terminates Firm’s engagement prior to the completion of the services, Client understands they will not be refunded any amount. In the case where Client has purchased a flat-fee or guaranteed service and Client’s behavior has created good cause for termination, and Firm terminates the engagement for good cause, Client understands they will not be refunded any amount.

Firm is authorized to withdraw with Client’s consent or for good cause. Good cause includes, but is not limited to, Client’s breach of this Agreement, Client’s refusal to follow Firm’s advice on a material matter, Client’s failure to meet its obligations hereunder (including failure to respond to Firm’s communications or pay fees on time) and continual failure to do so for ten (10) or more days after written notice from Firm, and any situation or circumstance that would render Firm’s continuing representation unlawful or unethical, or would reflect badly on Firm’s reputation. If Firm exercises the right to withdraw, Firm shall represent Client no further and Client shall pay any open invoices and/or time charges immediately.

Upon the completion of any services which Client has retained Firm to perform, the attorney-client relationship will be considered terminated. If Client later retains Firm to perform further or additional services, the attorney-client relationship will be revived and subject to a new Agreement. Upon termination of Firm’s representation, it is agreed that Firm is authorized to withdraw from any proceeding in any Court or Government Office in which Firm or any Firm Attorney is listed as the Attorney of Record.

Upon the completion of any services and after the attorney-client relationship is terminated, Firm will retain Client’s file for ninety (90) days. After ninety (90) days, any information or documents relating to Client’s case may not be retrieved. When Firm’s engagement is terminated for any reason, Client agrees to cooperate in freeing Firm of any obligation to perform further, including the execution and delivery of a substitution of attorneys in any court or administrative proceeding. 

Firm’s right to withdraw as per this Agreement is in addition to those created by statute or recognized by the Rules of Professional Conduct which govern attorneys and patent agents.

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